DXFK - DirectX over volcano

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DXFK - DirectX over volcano

Beitragvon sakurasanta86 » 07.05.2018, 06:50


Has anyone actually looked closer to DXVK? I've just seen over at GoL that it is now NieR: Automata run. Excitingly, it is currently running according to wiki only with RADV o_O

Supplement # 1:
I just flew over it. The project consists of a set of DLLs that you must inject into its Vulcan-Capable Wine version. I will take a closer look as soon as the item "Tessellation" has been deleted from the todo list: D

Supplement # 2:
Yes a. I was supposed to go to sleep long ago and yet I could not stop it. I tested a few D3D11 games from my library. TES5SE does not render more than a little GUI, Prey gets dead, Lichdom: Battlemage crashes in the first intro video and Shadow Warrior 2 finally shoots my GPU. Way to go, but I'll keep an eye on it in the future.

Supplement # 3:
The developer of DXVK has been in between. The problems are mostly due to a bug in Mesa 17.3.3, so I'm waiting for further testing until the next bugfix release. On the 26th it should be ready.

The Github repo of DXVK is the way here, who is as impatient as I find on the Releases page the finished DLLs, which are simply in the respective Wine-Prefix (Wine-Staging 2.21 is recommended) exchange or via DLL redirect can unlock.
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Re: DXFK - DirectX over volcano

Beitragvon ChemicalBrother » 07.05.2018, 08:19

This is a german forum, just for your information.
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Re: DXFK - DirectX over volcano

Beitragvon crt0mega » 07.05.2018, 18:18

Äh.. da hat jemand einfach nur meinen Post übersetzt. Strange ...
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