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Beitragvon Cheeky@Boinc » 23.05.2008, 17:13

Version 0.8 des Worms Klon Wormux ist da :)


- Network game (port 3826 is registred by IANA for Wormux)
- A lot of bug fixes (memory leaks, useless code deleted ...)
- 15 new maps
- New weapons: Flamethrower, Football bomb, Cluzooka
- Minimap preview
- Camera improvements
- Better use of anti-aliasing
- Water/lava particles added
- Various graphical improvements
- Sound cache: no more lag on explosion
- More sounds and musics
- Better characters: Better positions, characters eyes follow cursor,...
- Weapons tweaking
- Smaller step in angle selection when pressing Shift
- Menus compatible with smallest resolutions
- Help section added (menu explaining shortkeys and howtoplay.pdf documentation provided)
- Language selection
- "Looking for updates" option
- Volume control option
- Joystick support
- Improve collision detection, cursor,...
- User dir as XDG recommandation (Freedesktop)
- Initial management of command line options
- Experimental random map generator and skin viewer
- AI improvements (still stupid so still hidden feature)

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