sacred unter crossover (MAC osX) auf englisch;)

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sacred unter crossover (MAC osX) auf englisch;)

Beitragvon roderik » 01.05.2009, 23:57

im using mac os x on my imac and crossover

ive sacred gold, and installation is no problem.
but when i try to start the game, sacred does not notice the dvd in my computer...
so i tried the nocd crack, but i cant find a crack for version 2.2.5.
after that i found out that version 2.2.8 does not ask for a cd, but when i downloaded and run it, the patch says: "you have no sacred installed on your system, please install sacred underworld before you run this patch"
furthermore: i tried the 2.2.1 nocd patch to run with my 2.2.5 version. finally it started (with some resoultion bugs) but when i start a new campaign, especially creating a new character, it is unplayable: there is just a kind of unicolored screen when they ask me what character is want to create. and when i use an old character, the game loads, but suddenly the screen turns black and i cant do anything anymore.
im kinda frustrated in the meantime..
please help..!!

PS: i also tried to log into multiplayer, with the hope that the game will be automatically patched (like in the blizzard games), but.. it just says "get the fu**ing patch"... so ive had some ideas but they all went wrong!
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Beitragvon ChemicalBrother » 02.05.2009, 01:08

Im sorry, but I think, this forum isnt the right one for you.

Reason one: We are a german forum.

Reason two: We are a forum for linuxgamers, not MacOSX, therefore nearly no one can help you with your problem.

Im sorry, but I think, there is a macgamers-forum out there (it has to be). We are not the right one for you.
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