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Warsow 0.5 erschienen!

Beitragvon ChemicalBrother » 24.07.2009, 10:14

Endlich ist Warsow 0.5 erschienen und zumindest der Trailer sieht fantastisch aus (Spiel konnte ich noch nicht testen). Erstmal ein paar Links:

Warsow Website
YoutubeHD Warsow Trailer

Aus dem Changelog:

New Features:
- Added new maps: wdm2, wdm18, wdm19, wdm20, wctf4, wctf6, wca3, wbomb1, wbomb2.
- Added a new weapon, the Machinegun.
- Added a new item, the Ultrahealth.
- Added a new player model: Big Vic.
- Added support for custom gametype scripting via AngelScript.
- Added new base gametypes:
Bomb and Defuse: A team-based gametype focused on destroying and defending two bomb sites.
Team Domination: There are two teams and several domination points on a map. Capturing all points by running on them and protecting wins the round.
Headhunt: One player is tagged and the other players must chase him down and kill him.
- Added player-activated shield to Instagib gametypes. It is activated by crouching and has a warmup time. but can protect you against damage like a warshield for a very short amount of time.
- Added new Clan Tag system.
- Added classless Clan Arena mode.
- Added new Warsow TV features:
Warsow TV servers now show up in the server browser.
Warsow TV can now record demos. Automatic demo recording is supported.
Warsow TV channels list now lists information about the game being played (Match Name, Gametype, etc.).
Warsow TV channels can now be renamed.
Warsow TV channels can now be joined from the warsow:// URI by specifying the channel name after the server address.
- Added player stun effect after being damaged. While stunned, a player can not walljump.
- Added client-side weapon prediction.
- Added damage bonuses for direct hits and midair hits.
- Added new, family-friendly gibs.
- Added raw mouse support for Windows XP.
- Added support for automatic pk3 file detection. Servers can find new pk3 files and update on the fly.
- Added support for automatic dedicated server version updates.
- Added the sv_demodir cvar which specifies a directory where automatic serverside demos are stored.
- Add the ability to dynamically link new entities to AI navigation.
- Added support for Quake 1 and Quake 2 maps.
- Added respawn timers for most important game items displayed for spectating players.
- Added fps-independent model animations.
- Added procedural leaning animations to players.
- Added normalmap-based cellshading material to use on player models.
- Added support for shader templates.
- Added new surfaceparm: nowalljump. Use this to disallow walljumping on a particular surface.
- Added Russian characters to fonts.

- Modified all maps from 0.4x. They have been upgraded to take advantage of new items, renderer improvements, etc.
- Modified jump button behavior. You now jump automatically by holding jump, there is now no longer any need to release the jump button. There is a clientside cvar cg_noAutohop to disable this behavior.
- Modified walljumping behavior. You can no longer walljump off of other players, noimpact brushes and sky brushes.
- Improved user interface, expect a fair bit more polish.
- Improved explosion visuals.
- Improved knockback and push behavior (explosions, etc.).
- Improved weapon and movement balancing, too many changes to list.
- Improved spawning system.
- Improved chasecam system.
- Improved and optimized client side prediction.
- Improved sound spazialization and server-side sound culling.
- Improved mouse reponsiveness for all input modes.
- Improved demoavi, it now exports audio as well.
- Changed server query protocol to be 100% compatible with Quake III Arena.
- Removed old wdm2 from 0.4x series.

Auf jeden Fall ein großes Update. Bin mal auf das Spiel selbst gespannt. :-) (Ich persönlich mag es lieber als QuakeLive :-D )
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Beitragvon SolidMob » 28.08.2009, 11:32

0.5 ist nun raus, auf der Homepage gibts den erwarteten Trailer: http://www.warsow.net/
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Beitragvon DawnCrow » 28.08.2009, 17:19

boa, der Trailer ist echt gut gemacht!
Spiel muss ich noch ausprobieren, das alte war ok, aber irgendwie nicht ganz mein ding

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