AMD/ATI Catalyst 9.2 (Linux 3D Treiber) erschienen

Neue Treiberversionen und Informationen zu neuer Hardware sind hier zu finden.

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AMD/ATI Catalyst 9.2 (Linux 3D Treiber) erschienen

Beitragvon ChemicalBrother » 20.02.2009, 22:16


Neuer Treiber: Diesmal nur ein Bugfix-Release.

-> Release Notes (PDF)

Download (79.5 MB)

[url=]Installations How-To im Wiki[/url]

Resolved Issues:

- Resolved visible corruption when starting MythTV frontend in full screen
- Catalyst Control Center, disabling primary display and re-launching CCC caused a Floating Point Exception
- Google Earth failed to start
- With some ATI adapters the display port monitor was not detected after being hotplugged
- Able to reboot or shutdown when ATI Catalyst Control Center is opened
- Catalyst Control Center, displayed the wrong version using the Information/Driver Version
- No audio output was available through HDMI
- Connecting both a CRT and DFP display device no longer results in the CRT failing to display an image if the DFP is disconnected and then reconnected to the system
- Corruption is no longer seen on secondary display after enabling secondary display Big Desktop
- Sections of the task bar no longer turn black when using the application Blender
- Enemy Territory Quake Wars v1.4, system no longer becomes intermittently unresponsive when game is run.
- Some Open GL application no longer cause segmentation fault with Crossfire and dual head enabled
- Maya crash fixed when using the following settings subinvisions Axis and subinvisions Height are set to 2000
- Tearing no longer occurs during picture-in-picture playback of H.264,VC-1,MPEG2 files on SUSE
- Playing AVI files with Mplayer in full screen no longer causes Mplayer to stop responding
- Resolved, Video does not resize or may appear filled with pink/black when changing from a low to high resolution

Known Issues:

(siehe Release Notes)
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